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Onsite testing and piloting sessions for systematic use of the advisory logbook and issue tracking software provided by the open-source Mantis platform in Bitola, North Macedonia.

Workshop in Bitola, North Macedonia, 23-24 June 2022

On the 23rd and 24th of June in Bitola in the premises of the National Extension Agency, the partners held two days of testing and piloting sessions for systematic use of the advisory logbook and issue tracking software provided by the open-source Mantis platform.

The partners worked together with the advisors from NEA on the additional customization of the Mantis software based on the needs that were identified from the testing and proceeded with the piloting of the software.

Monitoring and learning, advisors met on 21 June in Hungary


Participants of the IO4 Piloting phase joined for a common discussion about the experiences and following steps of using the e-learning system. The next stage of the pilot will also have to be commenced, by more systematic use of the advisory loogbook and issue tracking sofware both the one operated by Gazda Kontroll (GK), and the other, provided by the project (open source Mantis).



As part of the gLOCAL Evaluation Week 2022, in cooperation with the i2connect and RAMONES-PL project,  CREA organized the webinar "Defining a people-centered meaningful evaluation framework for the assessment of advisory performances" which took place on the 3rd of June 2022, with participation and short presentation from our project's partners, titled: "The utility and use of tailored performance assessment tool of advisory services: the RAMONES-PL project experience".

EIP-AGRI practice abstract published about our project

eip-agri pa01

RAMONES-PL's Italian partner CREA has prepared and shared a practice abstract according to the structure of the EIP-Agri common format.

The EIP-AGRI common format facilitates knowledge flows on innovative and practice-oriented projects from the start till the end of the project. The use of this format also enables farmers, advisers, researchers and all other actors across the EU to contact each other.

Organizing the Multiplier Event at Nitra University


On 12.4.2022, a multiplier event of the RAMONES - PL project took place at the SUA, Faculty of Economics and Management in Nitra. The event was attended not only by advisors but as well by representatives of government institutes. Ing. Zuzana Repiská, Deputy for Professional Activities of the Agroinstitute, Mgr. Dana Peškovičová, PhD., Director of the Project Management and External Relations Department, the National Agricultural and Food Center, and Ing.

Numerous short course modules developed to support personalized learning of advisors


One of the main and most useful results of RAMONES-PL are a series of e-learning packages tailored to the need of field advisors, according to the preliminary data collection steps of the project, such as the identification of the most frequent activities, the dictionary of competence, and the questionnaire to access importance and proficiency level of advisors regarding certain service areas.


Project partnership meeting in Skopje

TPM Skopje 01

The Third Transnational Partnership Meeting of the project was held in Skopje, North Macedonia between 10-11.03.2022. The meeting was organized in a blended way, with online presence of some of the partners. 
During these two days participants discussed ongoing activities and next steps.
The main goals of the meeting were: 
- summary and evaluation of the prepared methodology, learning content developed in IO2
- presentation and real-time testing of the online participant collaboration platform and mobile applications set up in IO3


Hosting and participating at the training on interactive innovation of i2connect

Our project hosting and participating at the training on interactive innovation

During the last three days, EU H2020 i2connect project training was organized by Hungarian project partners and experts, participated by 15 farm advisors and specialists. The event was co-facilitated by Gazda Kontroll, RAMONES-PL project expert, and hosted by GAK, our project coordinator.

Advisors met on 4 February to conclude monitoring / phase 1. in HU

Survey Pilot 01 hu

Project monitoring, survey, and e-learning platforms are ready to provide the combined functionalities required by the expectation of the project. RAMONES-PL farm advisors - experts working under the Gazda Kontroll RASP network - met today in Godollo, Hungary to finalize the first phase of the pilot and as planned, to start the short evaluation and personalized learning period, before entering into the next round of the experimental learning program. Participants filled out the advisory questionnaire, developed by the results of Output 2, evaluation methodology.