Numerous short course modules developed to support personalized learning of advisors

One of the main and most useful results of RAMONES-PL are a series of e-learning packages tailored to the need of field advisors, according to the preliminary data collection steps of the project, such as the identification of the most frequent activities, the dictionary of competence, and the questionnaire to access importance and proficiency level of advisors regarding certain service areas.

The modules will be available in the target country languages as well as a core version in English, also supporting EU wide dissemination and exploitation. We try to select and develop such themes which are the most relevant to advisory work, therefore we expect that national organisations supervising advisory networks and coordinating advisory training will also use our packages, as a supplement to their compulsory modules.

A sample of the RAMONES-PL e-learning packages:


Soft skills

  1. Time Management
  2. Creativity
  3. Effective Communication
  4. Leadership Development
  5. Teamwork
  6. Conflict management
  7. Effective listening
  8. Customer relations
  9. Advisory process, advisory profile
  10. Stress management and burnout

Technical / specific skills

  1. Direct sale of agricultural products
  2. Sustainable use of pesticides
  3. Interactive innovation
  4. Biomass renewable energy advisor
  5. Eco-farming (introduction)
  6. Cross compliance / conditionality
  7. New CAP
  8. Climate smart farming
  9. Farm sustainability assessment
  10. European Strategies and Initiatives of E-agriculture
  11. Digital systems within Agriculture 4.0
  12. Advisory issue tracking and monitoring
  13. Useful mobile apps for advisory work with farmers