Opportunity for synergy with the i2connect (H2020) project (WP3)

Several RAMONES-PL project partners (CREA, LLKC) and experts are also team members of the i2connect : "Connecting advisers to boost interactive innovation in agriculture and forestry" project consortium, which is running in parallel in the next 2 years with our project. WP3 / Task 3.3 of the i2connect project aims especially to develop methods and tools for an "innovation friendly" management of advisory services. Under this activity, a manager survey was conducted during the fall of 2020 among the advisors of RAS providers, including topics similar to the RAMONES-PL survey/focus group interviews, with question related to the skills which advisors need in order to participate in an interactive innovation process, as well as an evaluation process in place where advisors can provide feedback on their work environment within the organisation. The identification of individual competences of the advisors (e.g. soft skills, project management, hard skills) were also part of this survey.

The exchange of received data and its evaluation may provide mutual benefits for both projects.