Evaluation of the first phase of the pilot in Hungary on 3rd October 2022

Gazda Kontroll advisors and GAK project coordinator met again, in the same location, Apaj, Pest county as last summer, hosted by Szomor Farm, which is also a farm demo site for interactive innovation and a partner of the farm advisory service providing organisation, in a convenient distance from the two Hungarian partners, to come together, in a traditional rural Hungarian - Puszta - environment, allowing not only discussing, but also, directly testing some of the practical methods.

Participants - 7 phisically attending, and 6 joining online - overviewed the activities implemented in 2022 so far, for the realization of the experimental monitoring and learning programme, discussing the progress, bottleknecks, things to improve, and the following tasks. Advisors are ready to continue the evaluation (scoring) of the service activities by 5 aspects, as introduced earlier, and also to take on the new e-learning modules having developed by the project according to their individual needs, during the autumn.