EIP-AGRI practice abstract published about our project

RAMONES-PL's Italian partner CREA has prepared and shared a practice abstract according to the structure of the EIP-Agri common format.

The EIP-AGRI common format facilitates knowledge flows on innovative and practice-oriented projects from the start till the end of the project. The use of this format also enables farmers, advisers, researchers and all other actors across the EU to contact each other.

The use of the EIP-AGRI common format facilitates not only the exchange of knowledge, but also the contact between potential partners in innovation projects.

It contributes to building up a unique repository of practical knowledge across the EU via the EIP-AGRI project database which supports the dissemination of results of all interactive innovation projects.

More practice abstracts can be found on this link: i2connect-D5.15a_v30.04.22-FINAL2.pdf (i2connect-h2020.eu)

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