Learning Teaching Training Event - 19-21 Godollo, Hungary

This week we implemented the Learning Teaching Training activity in Godollo, Hungary. We really enjoyed being back to the normal way of life meeting each other - as this was the first physical event in the project (due to the pandemic). Training participants were the experts of the project target country partners, who will act as trainers of advisors in the pilot phase. On the first day we gathered in Babatpuszta, while the next 2 days were held in the University Campus.

According to the project plan, in order to successfully carry out the piloting activities in the project, especially O4 and O5, it is necessary to provide the needed knowledge and skills for their implementation, to be able to ensure that the responsible experts of the partners will perform the planned tasks. Specialists assigned to the project from each target country have well established experience and expertise in the project's professional areas, however, for the specific tasks and roles to be performed, targeted training is organized. Participants will develop competence to coordinate and supervise monitoring, evaluation, precision learning and certification processes according to RAMONES project design and requirements, not only during the implementation, but also in the follow-up phase, in the course of continuation of the operational model in the next years. Training participants are the experts of the project target country partners, who will act as trainers of advisors in O4, and as the supervisors of activities in O4 and O5. For their preparation, the results from the preceding outputs are summarized and transformed into a teaching material, conducted by the project coordinator.

We are looking forward to our first physical meeting in the project (due to the pandemic), so we are very excited and enthusiastic. The location will be Godollo University and Babatpuszta