As part of the gLOCAL Evaluation Week 2022, in cooperation with the i2connect and RAMONES-PL project,  CREA organized the webinar "Defining a people-centered meaningful evaluation framework for the assessment of advisory performances" which took place on the 3rd of June 2022, with participation and short presentation from our project's partners, titled: "The utility and use of tailored performance assessment tool of advisory services: the RAMONES-PL project experience".

The panel session aimed at presenting and discussing an evaluation framework of the RAS that had been developed based on the views and expectations of local advisory services with the purpose of helping self assessments of performances and their better integration within agricultural knowledge and innovation systems.
This will allow broadening the evidence base and use of data of M&E practitioners through deepening the knowledge about meanings and performances of advisory service along with understanding of policy interventions.

Questions were proposed to the participants to prompt lessons and reflections on how to “build forward better” by using evaluation evidence and with adaptive and responsive evaluation practice with peoplecentered and adaptive evaluations. What does it mean assessing advisory performances? Which assessment criteria should be used as they are meaningful for advisors? Which evidence from monitoring and evaluation count for advisors for a better assessment of their performances?


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