Organizing the Multiplier Event at Nitra University

On 12.4.2022, a multiplier event of the RAMONES - PL project took place at the SUA, Faculty of Economics and Management in Nitra. The event was attended not only by advisors but as well by representatives of government institutes. Ing. Zuzana Repiská, Deputy for Professional Activities of the Agroinstitute, Mgr. Dana Peškovičová, PhD., Director of the Project Management and External Relations Department, the National Agricultural and Food Center, and Ing. Milan Sarvaš, PhD., Head of the Center for Knowledge Transfer and Forest Pedagogy, National Forestry Center in Zvolen accepted the invitation. 

Participants discussed the state of consulting in Slovakia and its current development. The aim of the meeting was to disseminate project information, status of activities, as well as to exchange experience in the field of agricultural advice and to improve the monitoring system of advisory services. The meeting was organized at the Institute of Economics and Management, S-Pavilion, in the meeting room on the 2nd floor.