RAMONES Guidebook - each language version published

As the last main action of our project, we share the RAMONES Guidebook, which was prepared in English, and translated to Hungarian, Macedonian and Slovakian languages, are accessible at https://ramones.eu/guidebook

This final result provides a summary of all of the outputs produced in the project, while presenting each preceding outputs in a way that other actors can apply across the EU. The purpose of this publication is to provide a solid basis for dissemination during the follow-up phase, at the same time to ensure the sustainability and support the implementation of the project results, not only in the target countries, but in all partner countries as well. 
The guidebook is created as a kind of “cookbook” by detailed and practical descriptions, providing accurate information about the ingredients (O1), techniques, methods (O2), tools, devices (O3), and good practices (O4, O5), supported with visual aids (photos, charts, tables).