LLKC to host the Multiplier Event in Latvia

The ME was held in Lielā zāle, Ozolnieki, Latvia on 16 February 2023.  The Rural Advisory Monitoring and Evaluation System linked to Precision Learning (RAMONES-PL) project was showcased at the dissemination event in Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre (LLKC). Our objective is to strengthen rural advisory services through a monitoring and evaluation system that supports the development of personalized, work-based training programs and a quality certification scheme. Therefore, at the event, attendees including both agricultural advisors and farmers were presented with an overview of the project's objectives and accomplishments to date. Additionally, the potential for local adaptation of the project's results was discussed.

LLKC is a consultancy enterprise that is owned by the state (99%) and the Latvian Farmers Federation (1%). The company was established in 1991 and consists of a central office in the Ozolnieki district, Ozolnieki, and 26 branches throughout the territory of Latvia. LLKC employs consultants in 102 Latvian regions. LLKC is one of the most successful and professionally recognized consulting enterprises in Eastern and Central Europe. The Centre’s expertise is highly valued also by other agricultural and rural development centers in Europe. The wide international cooperation of the LLKC and participation in numerous projects affirms that the LLKC is a valued and respected partner. LLKC has wide-ranging experience in the implementation and coordination of rural development measures as well as in the provision of agricultural advisory in the country. The LLKC is Latvia’s largest and most significant institution that implements rural development policy activities, including information and farmer education across the territory of Latvia.