Advisors met on 4 February to conclude monitoring / phase 1. in HU

Project monitoring, survey, and e-learning platforms are ready to provide the combined functionalities required by the expectation of the project. RAMONES-PL farm advisors - experts working under the Gazda Kontroll RASP network - met today in Godollo, Hungary to finalize the first phase of the pilot and as planned, to start the short evaluation and personalized learning period, before entering into the next round of the experimental learning program. Participants filled out the advisory questionnaire, developed by the results of Output 2, evaluation methodology. They were also informed about the learning topics, as represented in the online Moodle system. We will process the questionnaire input and based on it, our advisors will be assigned to specific learning modules and activities, which aim to target their knowledge shortages, in order to fill the gaps as much as possible.